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Deche Beep Orchestra

Sunday 12 April 2020, by GuiLux

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The Deche Beep Orchestra was born thanks to a stock of old desktop PC’s in a non profit association in Marseille, some good will and a bunch of midi files collected over the internet.
The Deche Beep Orchestra is still starting.

By the time I’m writing this, twelve PC’s, are playing their motherboard beep component thanks to midi-beeper, written by Silas S Brown.

That number of twelve PC’s should be increasing, as much as amperage is OK.
All these PC’s load their OSes through the wired network and do not need any hard drive.
Sync should be improved soon.

Video and sound are poor, looks better in real

20th December 2015 update :

  • Deche Beep Orchestra now plays synchronized
  • Deche Beep Orchestra towers are now shut

29th December 2015 update :

  • Deche Beep Orchestra has tidied his room
  • Deche Beep Orchestra must forget polyphony or now
  • Deche Beep Orchestra has a bigger scoring directory
  • The conductor has a very nice pullover indeed

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